Asphalt Shingle

Affordable, Quality Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Protecting your home starts at the very top. Asphalt shingle roofing is just one option available to you from Big Bear Roofing in Pocatello. What’s great about working with a GAF-certified roofing and shingle company is that you can be sure you know everything there is about the most reputable and enduring materials for protecting your roof and everything underneath it.

Reinforce the Backbone of Your Roof

There are two reasons that asphalt roof shingles are such a popular choice for roofing because they look immense and affordable. We know that having several options to choose from when it comes to installing an slate roof or asphalt shingle can be a benefit, but it can quickly morph into a disadvantage when you realize just how many choices you have. There are few reasons you might be most comfortable choosing asphalt shingles include:

For residential customers, we offer:

  • Having a low upfront cost

  • Being able to protect your home for anywhere from 25 to 50 years

  • Choosing from laminated, three-tab and premium asphalt shingles

  • Getting a professional installation with an affordable cost of labor

GAF asphalt shingles come in 3 styles – 3-tab, laminated (AKA dimensional), and designer shingles. All of these asphalt roof shingles are covered by a Manufacturer’s Limited Liability warranty which covers labor and materials for 10 years if there is a material defect in the shingle. As well, GAF offers two premium warranties, the System Plus Warranty and the Golden Pledge Warranty. These two warranties are the best in the industry, in our opinion. For a 3-tab roof, both warranties offer a 5 year workmanship warranty and they both extend the 10 year warranty out to 20 years and then pro-rate out to 25 years. For laminated and designer shingles, both warranties extend the 10 year warranty out to 50 years, with a 5 year workmanship warranty on the System Plus and a 25 year workmanship on the Golden Pledge.

We would love to tell you that we never have any warranty claims, but that just wouldn’t be true. When you select a roofing company, however, you want to know that the company you hired will still be in business if and when a warranty claim arises. Big Bear Roofing in Pocatello is that roofing company.

Accessorize Your New Roof

To truly have a long-lasting and dependable roof, we recommend installing a few well-chosen accessories, such as:

  • Ridge-vent ventilation

  • Solar vents

  • Pipe boots

  • Drip Edge

  • Storm Guard

  • Power vents

  • Z-Ridge ridge caps

  • Timber Tex ridge caps

We’d love to make a professional recommendation for which accessories are right for you based on your specific needs and budget.

Located in Pocatello Idaho, Big Bear Roofing is a professional roof contracting company who specializes in the repair or replacement of your roof in a timely manner. Big Bear Roofing has a team of highly skilled and trained​ workers to ensure your roofing repair or replacement is affordable and up to the highest standards.

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