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From Boise to Pocatello, ID

Trusting any roofing contractor in Pocatello, Idaho or a unique area like Boise means knowing upfront exactly what you’re getting. At Big Bear Roofing in Pocatello, we personally back the quality of our products and services no matter the location. We do not provide estimates; we provide guarantees. Likewise, many of our key suppliers offer the best warranties in the business, and we’ll help you understand the benefits and protection details of each product.

How Long Is My Roof Covered?

Big Bear Roofing Pocatello is a certified installer for a couple of major roofing brands. Big Bear Roofing in Pocatello is one of the fastest movers and provide quality service. This allows us to provide our customers with their best warranty program. In order to achieve certification, both companies require extensive training for office staff, roofing consultants (salespeople) and crews. You should definitely be seeking a roofing contractor that is certified by the manufacturer of the shingle you choose for your roof.

GAF System Plus Warranty (Shingles)

Big Bear Roofing in Pocatello offers GAF’s System Plus Warranty as our standard installation. This warranty covers 3-tab shingles for 20 years and architectural (laminated or dimensional) shingles are covered for 50 years against manufacturer’s defects. Please click here for more information about the System Plus Warranty. Roofing contractors in Pocatello, ID will try to tell you that you are getting this warranty with their shingles, but most of them are offering a substantially inferior warranty called the Limited Liability Warranty. This warranty is also good for either 20 or 50 years, but only covers materials and it depreciates rapidly after 10 years.

GAF Golden Pledge Warranty (Shingles)

Only GAF Master Elite Contractors can offer the Golden Pledge Warranty, the best warranty in the industry. This warranty is an upgrade above the System Plus Warranty. With an inspection by GAF, you can rest assured that your roof was properly installed and will provide many years of maintenance free protection for you home. Click here for more information about the Golden Pledge Warranty.

Owens Corning System Protection Warranty (Shingles)

As an Owens Corning Preferred Installer, Big Bear Roofing In Pocatello can offer you another color pallet along with a warranty similar to that of GAF. The System Protection Roofing Limited Warranty offers a 50 year warranty on dimensional (architectural or laminated) shingles that is also transferable one time.

Other products that we install have varying warranties:

  • Modified Bitumen – We’re proud to offer a 12-year warranty on modified bitumen which looks like rolled roofing put performs WAY better.

  • Metal Roofing –Metal is light, durable and requires minimal maintenance. It’s designed to last when properly installed, so warranty periods range from 20 to 50 years.

  • TPO – Comes with a 10 to 20 year manufacturer’s warranty. TPO is one of the most impressive flat roof products to come into the marketplace in many years. It is reflective, reducing air conditioning costs and protects truly flat roofs better than modified bitumen.

Our Recommendation

Our team is factory trained to install GAF and OC shingles, because we believe in and highly recommend these products. We believe these two brands are the top of the market. Extended coverage is the result of strict manufacturer requirements, and with such high-quality material, we rarely face the need to service warranty issues. Of course, we’re happy to furnish and install shingles from any of our other trusted brands.

Call for Details

In spite of your urge to jump right into color and style, it’s important to fully understand warranties on each product you’re interested in. We’re here to help and would be happy to weigh in with details and suggestions. Give us a call at (208) 557-9286.

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